Hi Everybody!

I have been exposed to this amazing card game for a couple of years now. I have gathered all the information I could about this game and still, I won’t be surprised if a new rule came up about this game that I wasn’t aware of.

This Bavarian-German game is believed by many to be the greatest 4 player card game in the world. It has been played for hundreds of years as of what we know today. Schafkopf | Sheepshead has been passed down from generation to generation, and is still a significant part of Bavarian culture.

Schafkopf | Sheepshead can be played in small 4 Player Home Games with Family and Friends, in Bar Tournaments, or even in German Annual National Schafkopf Tournaments. Online Schafkopf | Sheepshead Gaming has also gained popularity in recent years.

Schafkopf | Sheepshead – How to Play is now fully explained with live examples in 14 short episodes !!

Different Schafkopf Charts and Trump Charts are available for reference and print.

Episode 1 : Game Overview

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